Jacqueline and Cedric Chiles said for four years they have lived a nightmare.

"It's unbelievable, the pain, the stress, the pressure, the financial challenge,” said Cedric Chiles.

Four years ago, they ran a home daycare, No Limits Learning Academy in Arlington. One night they got a call from the parents of a little girl in their care accusing the Chiles' teenage son of sexually assaulting their 4-year-old daughter.

"They handcuffed him and took him away for a crime we know he did not do,” said Chiles.

Arlington police arrested Chile's son with no DNA evidence or physical evidence. The only evidence they had was the testimony of a 4-year-old child.

In fact, Arlington police ran warrants at the daycare and took out more than 30 pieces of evidence.

“Which included mats, books, toys and on these there was supposedly evidence that would have put our son in prison for life,” said Chiles.

There was no forensic evidence on any of the items. The victim’s family turned over two pairs of the child's undergarments and told police they would find the suspect's DNA on them.

The DNA excluded the Chiles' son. "Our son was totally and completely ruled out,” said Chiles.

The case was so weak the Tarrant County District Attorneys’ office declined to prosecute the case and dropped the charges.

The Chiles' nightmare was not over. The state's childcare licensing shut down their daycare and told News WFAA "...we conducted an investigation and the findings were substantiated."

"We feel we have been bullied by child care licensing, protective services, the Arlington Police department and including this family,” said Jacqueline Chiles.

The Chiles' said the arrest still comes up in their son's background check. They said they will not stop fighting until he is completely exonerated, and they get their daycare back.

The Arlington Police Department told WFAA they are pursuing no other leads. The Chiles said they believe the little girl was abused and fear the real abuser is out there.

WFAA spoke with the victim’s mother who we are not identifying. She told WFAA she believes the Chiles’ teenage son is still the person who did this.