COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Another Sigma Nu Fraternity member has been arrested in connection to the drugs found at the fraternity's home on the night when one of its members died of an apparent overdose.

Alexander Statler, 22, was taken into custody on Wednesday on possession of marijuana and controlled substance.

According to the probable cause statement, Statler was known as a 'house manager'. Investigators found:

  • clear container with finely ground marijuana known as 'keef'
  • 2 clear glass bongs with burnt marijuana residue
  • 1 green colored plastic bong with burnt marijuana residue
  • 2 broken bong attachments which has marijuana residue
  • 1 vaporizer with marijuana residue
  • 5 glass smoking pipes
  • 1 wood and plastic smoking pipe
  • 1 military style gas mask with a plastic bad attached to the filter
  • 2 metal smoking pipes
  • 3 metal grinders with fresh marijuana residue
  • 1 small wooden cigar box with a rolled dollar bill
  • 2 plastic gram baggies with white powder residue
  • 1 prescription pill bottle with name "Journey Ewell" with a 36 gram methylphenidate hydrochloride (treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Clear plastic container with finely ground marijuana a known as 'keef'
  • 1 rolled marijuana cigarette
  • 1 clear plastic bag of 2.2 grams of fresh marijuana
  • 20 mg of Adderall

The investigation into the death of Anton Gridnev continues. The local chapter has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. released the following statement after learning of the additional warrants:

"We remain deeply concerned by the criminal charges filed against a number of chapter members. All members are expected to fully comply with the law. The Fraternity continues to support, however possible, the investigation by local authorities and Texas A&M officials," said Brad Beacham, Executive Director of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. "Once all information is known, the Fraternity will take appropriate action in accordance with fraternity principles and polices."