The City of Fort Worth is poised to approve a $600,000 contract to purchase music CD's at library branches over the next three years.

The expenditure comes as the library system opens two new branches planned for late 2018 and 2019.

Manya Shorr is director of the Fort Worth Library system and says while many people have transitioned to digital and streaming services, the library needs to meet patrons where they live.

"People with low economic status don’t always have the money to transition to the newest technology," Shorr says.

When you walk into any record store, compact discs are usually for sale for just a few dollars, many times even cheaper.

Nate Chamchot is a music lover in Fort Worth and spent part of his day Monday browsing the vinyl selection at Doc's Records & Vintage on Camp Wisdom.

"I haven't bought a CD in a long time." Chamchot said.

He added he supports as much access to music for music lovers in as many places as possible, but also realizes taxpayer dollars have to be considered carefully.

"Six-hundred thousand dollars is a lot of CD's," he said. "I think people that are out there that want to donate their collection."

Shorr sees it differently.

"We couldn’t possibly take something that people had listened to for five years and then put into what we call circulation," Shorr said. "We need items that are fresh and new for our patrons plus our public deserves new.”

The Fort Worth City Council will vote on money for CD's at the meeting scheduled for Tuesday October 17 at 7p.m.