PERRIN, Texas -- After five days without reliable drinking water, residents in the rural town of Perrin are fed up.

"Folks here would be less upset if we were getting good answers as to what the problem is," said Mark Sims.

Sims and many others in town are resorting to bottled water at home. As of Friday, 25 pallets of donated water were trucked in for distribution at the town fire station.

"People have been showing up pretty steady picking up the water," said James Brock, a Jack County Commissioner who helped coordinate the bottled water. "We've gone through 10 pallets."

Perrin gets its water from a private company based in Granbury, the Texas Rain Holding Company.

Residents said they have had problems with the water before, but never like this, and they said their calls to the water company have gone unanswered.

"I've called multiple times and haven't gotten any answer," said resident, Ashely Anderson. "I think if we're paying them, they ought to answer the phone."

Anderson picked up bottled water for herself and her three children. The water in her house has come back on sporadically, but she said it doesn't last. She's had to take her children out of town to her mother's home to bathe, and she hasn't had any water at home to cook or do laundry or dishes.

"It's been horrible," she said.

WFAA's calls to the Texas Rain Holding Company were not returned.

A state agency that oversees drinking water, TCEQ, said in a statement that they learned of the water outage on Jan. 3 and launched an investigation that is ongoing. TCEQ said they were able to reach the water company and were informed that water was restored on Jan. 4, though there are still system line leaks. A boil water notice is in effect.