Word is spreading in east Fort Worth of a sexual assault and robbery that took place over a period of hours in a woman's apartment, according to police documents.

"I'm not going to open my door for nobody. For what? I'm scared to leave my home!" says Monique Broussard, who lives nearby and says she saw the police cars Thursday morning.

"It concerned me, because I'm a single mother," she says.

Two suspects were taken into custody Friday afternoon after being located at a motel in Grand Prairie. Marcellus Demetric Briggs, 44, and Frankie Lenette Kulemba, 40, face charges of aggravate robbery, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping.

Fort Worth Police say a young woman, who lives in an apartment at 6000 Boca Raton, opened her door around midnight Thursday to a woman who appeared in distress. Both Briggs and Kulemba allegedly forced their way in.

"During the process of this offense occurring, the victim was sexually assaulted as well as bound, robbed and beaten," says Det. Brian Raynsford.

Police released surveillance video of Kulemba, who used the victim's debit card at a nearby convenience store at Bridgewood and Bridge. Police also say they were driving an older model, light-colored Chevy Suburban with paper tags.

"It concerns us greatly they may try to do this again," Raynsford says.

Police tell WFAA they believe this crime was random, adding there's no indication the victim knew the suspects.

This is the same general area of town, near Brentwood Stair and I-30, that saw a rash of sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults in November 2015.

"There's a lot of us in this area that lives alone. It just makes you vulnerable," says neighbor Ashley Kiefer.

Both Kiefer and Broussard are calling for more police presence.

"They should. You know? So we can be safe," she says. "Because it's single mothers out here who do stay in apartments by themselves."

Police ask anyone with information about this crime to call 817-469-TIPS.