It was one of the darkest days in Dallas, but out of that darkness came hope.

Emily Thompson is the widow fallen officer, Brent Thompson.

"As a police officer, I am used to seeing people at their worst. You lose sight of people at their best, but this is amazing," Emily said.

What has been amazing is that from all over the world, people have raised money for the five fallen officers families and those who were injured in the July 7 ambush.

The total was $10 million.

Heidi Smith is the widow of fallen officer Mike Smith. "You care for us now, Michael can't be here anymore. I just want to thank you," Heidi said.

The money will be divided equally among the fallen officers' families. And the officers injured will also get some of what was raised.

"I want to thank every person from that girl who stood on that corner to the guy in Minnesota who sent in money," Dallas Police Association President Fred Fraizer said.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told the families that he knows nothing could replace their loved ones, but hoped the money would help ease their worries.

"For the families of the fallen officers, no amount of money will heal the wounds that night, but this is the world's small Christmas gift to you in memory of your loved ones," Rawlings said.

Interim Chief David Pughes says the department hasn't moved on after the loss of the officers and says they still live with it every day.

But knowing the community cares has helped them keep pushing forward.

"It means a lot to us that you have our back," Chief Pughes said.

So through the worst tragedy in DPD history officers also saw the best in mankind.

"I have read the cards, I have read all the letters that have come to me. I get to see again how beautiful people really are. thank you," Thompson said.