GARLAND -- At 102-years-old Helen Porter of Garland doesn't spend much time thinking about her own future -- she's focused on the countries.

"What would happen if they did away with social security?" Porter said.

Big picture questions she takes on her from Brookdale Club Hill a retirement home in Garland. It's fair to say she has a little bit of experience.

She's a Christian and a liberal -- but not a die hard.

"Sure there have been good republican president's, Reagan was a good Republican president, Gerald Ford was a good republican president," Porter said.

She was six years old when women gained the right to vote. When she was 18 she voted Republican because that's what Dad did. She married a farmer and shortly after watch the nation suffer during the great depression.

"And I was lucky to even have a job, because many many women didn't have a job." Porter said.

That's when she saw first hand the power of politics.

"As I got older, you read more and you learn more and you just make decisions of your own because of your life being changed."

She watched the president at the time Franklin D. Roosevelt, a democrat, start Social Security

She watched farms in Iowa including her own benefit from farm subsidies. Since then, she's voted Democrat, but never straight ticket.

"If we get the right woman there it will be a wonderful thing to happen to our country, we'll just hope and pray that Hillary Clinton is the right woman," Porter said.

She loves politics, but it doesn't define her. She is a mother of three a grand mother to five a great grandmother to eleven and a great great grand mother to one.

She's been through a lot and she's tough -- *that's tough not nasty.

"I wouldn't approve of any man calling a woman nasty and even on the public television," Porter said.

When she was born, Woodrow Wilson was president -- the 28th president. In twelve days the nation will elect it's 45th president -- and if her party wins we'll call her Madamn president.