There are cars sitting in the LG Motorsports garage just outside Anna that can really move.

The contrast could not be more stark compared to the bulldozers that haven't moved in a while sitting in the back of the property. It's been a month and things are at a standstill at Lou Gigliotti's place in Collin County. He has plans for a Motorsports country club.

"I can't move forward until we know what they're doing," said Gigliotti.

The city of Anna wants to annex the land Gigliotti put roots down on four years ago. The city is deciding whether to annex 466 acres which affects several property owners. Lou says he's already built with county permits and county codes.

"Everything will run 25% higher because of their city ordinance," said Gigliotti.

Gigliotti tells WFAA that he would have never purchased the property if he had known the city was going to annex it.

The city manager, Philip Sanders, tells us he could not verify the claim about costs. Sanders says the city put possible annexation into motion around February of this year.

Sanders says the land is in Anna's ETJ or extra-territorial jurisdiction. Any subsequent development that occurs on the property if the land was annexed would need to abide by city codes.

"The purpose here is to establish an agreed-to set of quality standards for the development of what happens on that piece of land," said Anna Mayor Mike Crist.

At council it quickly turned into a debate about the project itself. Some people are not happy with an all-out racetrack but the majority who showed Tuesday were against annexation.

"We know what he's's going to be loud," said one speaker.The decision to annex did not come Tuesday night.

"If they force us to do what they want, I'll shut it down, I'll sell the land and go find someplace else," Lou said.
Lou will have to wait until the city makes a decision and so will the bulldozers.