KELLER -- Enormous "bubble" domes set to be an integral part of a proposed tennis club were shot down by the Keller City Council Tuesday night.

And now the larger project appears to be in jeopardy.

The well-known Dent Tennis Academy relocated to Keller from southern California last year. The Dent family unveiled plans for a new high-end tennis club and boarding academy to the city in November.

The project, which would be developed on what is now the popular Rocky Top Ranch, was given the green light.

But about two months ago, most of the neighbors living on Johnson Road to the south of the property, got wind of giant, inflatable domes that would cover some of the courts.

Things went downhill from there, with supporters on both sides lobbying city councilors to vote for or against the the 42-foot structures.

More than 100 people packed into City Hall on Tuesday night to see a final vote.

Ultimately, two councilman voted to oppose the 37,000 square-foot domes, citing concerns from voters about ascetics, noise, and code exceptions.

Taylor Dent, a former touring tennis pro, and his supporters have outlined how financing for the larger project was dependent upon the domes because it was a unique aspect to the facility not found elsewhere in the area.

Many public speakers said they fear the Dent family will now find a more welcoming environment in a different North Texas town.