DALLAS -- SMU’s Cox Latino Leadership Initiative and the Dallas Convention and Visitor's Bureau hosted the “I Am Latino in America” tour Tuesday at the McFarlin Memorial Auditorium.

The “I Am Latino in America” tour, hosted by award-winning journalist, Soledad O'Brien, kicked off in 2015 and returned in February 2016, adding Dallas to the cities it would visit.

Education segment with Dr. Miguel Quinones and Ed Flores. Credit: Ingenuity

The tour allows Latinos to engage in conversations that will empower the Latino voice in North Texas and beyond.

The “I Am Latino In America” tour provides a diverse panel of local business leaders, community advocates, media professionals and educators an opportunity to discuss topics of concern and encouragement for Latinos in America.

For more information on the tour, click here.

Civic and Community engagement segment with Roberto de la Cruz and Nina Vaca. Credit: Ingenuity

Latinos in the US -- Stats from Pew Hispanic Center 2014

  1. Come from 21 countries.
  2. 25 percent of the children in this country are Latino
  3. 27.3 million Latino voters – out of 129 million total voters.
  4. Latinos have up to 1.5 trillion dollars in buying power this year alone.
  5. Latinos are the nation’s largest minority population.
  6. The second highest percentage of Latinos in the US comes from Puerto Rico – 9.4 percent.
  7. There are more Salvadorans in this country now than Cubans. 3.8% of Latinos are Salvadorans. Cubans are 3.7 percent. Guatemalans 2.3%
  8. Annually, 803,000 us born Hispanics become old enough to vote.
  9. 35% speak both Spanish and English at home.
  10. 79% of Latinos have smart phones: 79% -- that’s 10% more than non-Hispanics.

Voting topics:

  • Education 92%
  • Economy/jobs 91%
  • Health care 86%
  • Immigration 73%
  • Middle east 66%