Arlene and Tawan Ragans have always enjoyed board games. One of their favorites is Monopoly and they certainly have enough time nowadays to play.

The couple from McKinney has been through a tough few months health-wise and are finally recovering.

"He likes to cheat a lot," laughed Arlene about playing board games.

Both are in recovery. Arlene suffered kidney failure and was desperate for a transplant. She was tired of the revolving door of dialysis treatments.

"I knew eventually it was going to be a great outcome. But I didn't know it was going to be my husband," Arlene said.

When WFAA first met the Ragans, Arlene was in a hospital bed at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas. She was the recipient of a kidney transplant from her husband of 30 years.

Arlene says at one point her body had shut down and she needed a kidney badly. Options had dwindled until her 29th wedding anniversary when her husband Tawan came with balloons and cards.

"He had another card so I was confused about that," she said.

Tawan brought a second card telling her they matched blood types and also matched for a kidney transplant. They met in high school and had just left Chicago for new beginnings in Texas.

"Women come from man's rib and I gave you my heart 30 years ago and now it's my kidney. I said, 'Wife, I'm running out of body parts," Tawan laughed.

Now approaching their 30th wedding anniversary, Tawan may have most husbands beat for an anniversary gift.

"I'd do it all over again for my wife. She know's that. But I ain't gonna let her win monopoly though," Tawan laughed.