FORT WORTH -- Tarrant County Public Health has confirmed the first death related to the West Nile virus in the county in 2016.

According to the health department, the victim was a senior adult who had underlying health conditions. No further identifying information was released.

West Nile can affect anyone, health officials say, but people age 50 and older run a higher risk of developing a severe infection.

One person died of West Nile-related health issues in Tarrant County in 2015. Two people in Dallas County have also died of complications from the virus in 2016.

As long as mosquitoes persist this season, the risk of West Nile exists. The best thing to do to prevent infection is to protect yourself.

Dallas County Health and Human Services recommend the “4 D’s” to reduce exposure to mosquitoes:

DEET -- Use insect repellents that contain EPA approved repellents
Dress -- Wear long and loose-fitting clothing outside
Drain -- Drain or treat standing water around your home or workplace
Dusk and Dawn -- Limit time spent outside during these peak mosquito times