This week we've been getting you #SummerReady with tips. Today we talked about beauty and learned the best ways to get that bright smile and tanned skin.

When it comes to getting prepped for summer, who doesn't want to brighten their smile? Instead of whitening toothpastes or strips to remove stains, use trays.

"There are custom-fit trays-- one for the upper, one for the lower. They’re flexible and they’re trimmed so the solution doesn’t get on the gum,” said Dale Greer, DDS, an accredited dentist with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. “The supervision part is very important if you really want to get your teeth the whitest.”

Another way to lighten the mood this summer is with makeup. Think: waterproof and water-based.

"In the winter, when you’re more dry, use a more oily product,” said celebrity makeup artist Gary Parson. “In summer, you should use a lighter product, like a water-based product.”

Highlights are hot every summer, but the chemicals can be harsh! How about going au natural by going outside Spending time outside may lighten your hair.

“Just being outside when it’s warm – it doesn’t have to be sunny—the heat will open up the cuticle area of your hair and oxygen gets in and that’s what oxidizes and lightens it,” explained hairdresser Chad Dunn. “Wear your hair down the way you would normally wear it then go play outside.”

Tans are always in during summer months, but rather than tanning beds or frying under the sun -- sprays, lotions and wipes are a much safer option.

“We’re just not really sure what the impact of DHA might be,” said Dr. Corinne Erickson with North Dallas Dermatology. DHA stands for dihydroxyacetone, and is the most active ingredient contained in the most effective sunless tanning products. “We know it does produce free radicals… not in the concentrations when you apply it on your skin, but if it did come in contact with your mucus membranes, there may be some trouble with that. We’re just not fully aware of it yet, so it’s safe to stay away.”