It wasn't just any Wednesday at Cottonwood Creek Elementary in Coppell.

“Every first and third Wednesday of the month, everyone will try to walk to school,” explained 4th grader Jackson Floren.

It’s called Walk to School Wednesday.

“You can find your friends, walk with them, talk with them,” said 9-year-old Aaron Malick.

“It's good for your energy... so you're not just driving to school, and it helps ‘un-pollute’ the Earth,” chimed in fellow 4th grader Jayla Smith.

The Walk to School Wednesday program emphasizes exercise. It started years ago thanks in part to grant money from Cooper Institute and United Way.

“I love it,” said Colette Brook, mom of a first grader. “[It] promotes health and fitness, gets his blood going first thing in the morning, it's great."

Aside from making fitness a family affair, P.E. teacher Tammy Gilstrap said that walking to school gives children a chance to socialize, move more, and as a result, they’re getting in trouble less.

“They love the movement, they love the way they feel when they get to school,” said Gilstrap.

“I think that's an additional benefit to the children,” said dad Biju Mathew. “When other kids are walking to school, they also get encouraged like you know what, I'd like to do this again and again."

That’s exactly what’s happening. The concept is picking up.

“I do walk to school every day but I've only drove [sic] a car one time which was when it was pouring down rain and we didn't want to get wet,” offered 3rd grader Kate Sierra.

We don’t blame you, Kate. But when the sun is shining, walking is winning over the hearts and minds of the Cottonwood Creek Colts.

“You get to meet up with the teachers and you get to talk with them and you get to meet new friends while you walk,” said 3rd grader Delaney Flaherty.