Madeline Cumiskey has always been a happy baby. Smiling at her Sachse home with her mother Erin Cumiskey Thursday, it's hard to believe she was in the hospital just the day before.

"She's doing great. We're so lucky," Cumiskey said.

On Saturday the 11-month-old fell from a second story window at her babysitter's house in Plano. The window was open, but the screen was down. The toddler's weight was enough to push the screen off its hinges.

"When I got there, I just saw the screen on the driveway, and I knew that was where my baby fell," Cumiskey said.

Madeline was "life flighted" to Children's Medical Center Dallas. Madeline suffered a fractured skull and bruising on her body, but doctors say the littler girl isn't alone.

According to Lori Vinson, the senior director of trauma services at Children's Medical Center, falls are the number one reason children go to the ER. She says often screened windows can give parents the illusion a child is safe, but it's important care givers know they are not.

"Screens are meant to keep bugs out not to keep kids in," Vinson said.

She shared other tips for parents to keep children safe from window falls.

"If you have to open a window, only open it four inches or less," Vinson said.

She also encourages families to move furniture away from windows, so children can't climb up near the ledge end says parents can invest in "window guards" they can find online.

"Helping somebody is the best thing you can hope for," Cumiskey said.

Madeline's mom says her daughter is expected to make a full recovery and is lucky. The single mom and full-time waitress says expenses have been piling up and her family has created a fundraising website to help.

She now hopes sharing her daughter's story will bring awareness to dangers of children and screened windows. If just one family takes the warning to heart Cumiskey says she's done her job.