Today is the halfway point. There's a light at the end of the tunnel! To be honest, this second week has been more difficult than the first.

I've been struggling, that's for sure. In the past week I've had to avoid my favorites -- wine, pizza and French fries -- at at least three social events. (I know, I know, woe is me).

The headaches are gone, which is great, and I'm not dealing too much with cravings. I want to learn how to have self-control with Whole30, and so far so good!

I was a bit moody on Saturday, and I'm wondering if I was having some sort of mental breakdown related to this challenge (sorry to my family and friends; the crying will hopefully stop soon). It's not easy, and I'm proud I've made it this far!

Right now I'm struggling with breakfast. I've gotten to the point where I just crack two eggs and mix them with spinach, then cook them in the microwave at work to save time. It's not the best breakfast, but eating any vegetables in the morning is a big win for me.

Recently I noticed that I'm less bloated and less tired, but I'm not noticing too many changes to my body. A Whole30 support group on Facebook (which has been a life-saver throughout this process) opened my eyes to something. I know I'm supposed to be eating a minimal amount of fruit, because of the sugar intake, but perhaps I've been eating too much.

This next week I'm going to work on adding more vegetables to my meals and cutting back on the mango. (Seriously though, mango is the best in the world and I can eat an entire container of pre-cut slices in one sitting.)

Sunday was the hardest day of the week, as I was shopping in Frisco and felt my energy levels dropping quickly. I knew I read something about Red Lobster having clarified butter -- which is Whole30 approved -- so I asked for that on my grilled shrimp and broccoli. Another out-to-eat success! (See picture above).

I went to Rodeo Goat for my cousin's birthday Tuesday night. I made myself a Whole30-version of a burger at home so I wouldn't be tempted. While everyone was eating, I thought about ordering a side of pickles just to distract my mind -- but of course the brine has sugar in it. A not-so-successful out-to-eat experience, but at least I stayed strong! (Shout-out to my cousin for warning me about the sugar in pickles! Sugar is EVERYWHERE!)

Perhaps the weirdest part of this experience? The dreams. People in my support group on Facebook talk about it all the time, so I guess it's common... but I'm having dreams that I'm breaking the challenge and giving in to ice cream, wings, pizza, you name it. I'm giving in and giving up my self-control, then hating myself for having to start over. I wake up relieved that my real-life self isn't that easily swayed.

It's also interesting that your body acts as if giving up certain food groups is the end of the world, when in reality it's only for 30 days. Hopefully it'll get a grip soon.