From her Lake Highlands home, 40-year old Andrea Hauglie devotes at least 30 minutes per day to herself.

“You know, I just need something to make me feel better,” said the mom of two. In addition to being a cheerleader to her kids, she’s cheering on dozens of people across the country as a Beachbody coach.

Beachbody is one of the latest at-home workout trends by Shaun T -- the same guy behind several popular at-home fitness programs like Insanity. While it may seem like you’re working out alone, there’s a whole web of social support.

“We log our workouts... then we take pictures -- sweaty selfies as we call them -- then post to your group,” explained Hauglie, who does all of that through an app on her phone. “You tell people how you felt, if it was hard, if it was easy, if you dreaded it, or how sore you are the next day.”

Accountability is what makes online programs like Beachbody so popular.

“Once they post something, other people in that group are aware of it and say, ‘yep they're doing the same thing,’” said Vickie Griffith, longtime personal trainer and group fitness instructor in Dallas. Griffith, who has plenty of her own YouTube videos online said online programs like Beachbody allow flexibility for travelers and busy parents, are appealing if you’re intimidated by gym equipment, and help you to build a network of health-conscious friends.

“It’s that community aspect that a lot are searching for if they're not part of a gym or class,” added Griffith.

There’s no certification or training necessary to become a Beachbody coach like Andrea, but it does require endurance. She is tasked with motivating others – who she draws inspiration from as well. It’s all very cyclical.

“Some of the trainers will like your posts and that's like an awesome fan girl moment.. you're like yeah!"

What keeps Hauglie going? This Beachbody workout is how she controls her Multiple Sclerosis. She pushes herself to the limit now because, she said, one day she knows that she might not be able to.

“It’s just about feeling better and proving to yourself that you can actually do it,” said Hauglie.