Four North Texas children are recovering after life-saving surgeries.

For the first time at Children's Medical Center Dallas, doctors performed four transplants on young patients in a matter of days.

For nine hours, baby Phoenix was in the hands of surgeons. Friday, he was in his mom's arms.

"God is really working right now and I find that to be beautiful, beautiful that they're going to be able to live and have a healthy life," said Shannon Mullins.

His transplant was a success. It was one of four pediatric heart transplants preformed by a team of doctors at Children’s Medical Center Dallas in one week.

"To do four in a week is pretty uncommon," said ­­­Dr. David Sutcliffe, a pediatric heart transplant specialist. "In fact, in the history of our program, which is since the mid '80s, I don't think we've done four transplants in a single week."

Phoenix is the youngest and 12-year-old Abby Retana, of DeSoto, is the oldest. At one point, her condition was so bad she needed a special device to help her heart beat properly. The transplant will change her life.

At 21-months-old, Alexander Busby is still too sick for mom to hold. But, for mom, the hardest part is over. ­­­

"I knew in that moment that something was really wrong with my son," said Karin Busby of the moment she knew her child was ill. "I went and picked him up brought him to the ER and we haven't left."

"When you're faced with the idea that your child is not going to make it unless they have open heart you find strength you didn't know you head," she said.

And finally, 2-year-old Adriel Chapparo was also awake and alert Friday after surgery.

"We know that he is doing so well, and we're going home on Monday," said Dania Galvan, Adrie's mom. "We're good."

It may have been a record week for the hospital but the emotions were mixed.

"A mom lost her child in order for Phoenix to live so it's bittersweet," Mullins said. "I'm battling both emotions."

And as these children grow, each heart will beat for two people.