PLANO -- Bikes of all different colors have shown up in Dallas in recent months as bikeshare companies hope to make the city cyclist friendly. Those efforts will also get a boost on Nov. 4 with the first ever Dallas Bike Ride event through downtown.

Plano Bicycle Association Board Member Alex DuLaney is hardly new to cycling or bike rides. But the Dallas Bike Ride will not be just any ride.

“A lot of nerves,” said DuLaney. “You have to set little goals for yourself.”

In 2009, DuLaney injured his foot in a softball game. A plate and three screws were inserted into his ankle and prevented kept him from running, but he could still handle the peddling motion of cycling leading to a newfound passion.

“After a short time, I started riding with the gang,” he said about his riding team with PBA.

But earlier this year, complications with DuLaney’s injury led to the amputation of his left leg. Now he is getting used to life with a prosthetic, but he is not letting it keep him off the bicycle. Shortly after his surgery in March, he set a goal to get back to his team and ride again.

“I have tried to stay positive about the whole thing even from the moment the doctor came in. It is not the first bad thing to happen in my life and it will not be the last.”

The same team he rides with on the bike is the same team which inspired him to reach his goal. DuLaney said teammates were always dropping by and helping him with dinner, encouragement, and anything else he needed post-surgery.

“It is such a great inspiration to see him. He has not missed a beat this whole time,” said teammate Kathy Pieper. “It is going to be great to be there supporting him.”

The team has been practicing with Alex as they prepare for the Dallas Bike Ride and the opportunity for him to reach one of the goals he set from the get-go.

It is also a chance to prove something to himself.

“It is going to be a great time but it is goal I am trying to satisfy in my own head that I am back and can keep moving on from there.”