Orange Theory is one of the hottest workout trends in the country right now. People swearing by it and standing by it inspired us to check it out for ourselves.

Classes are 60 minutes of treadmill drills, rowing, and strength training.

"This is a power day, so it was pretty intense," said Stephen Loughren, a graduate student at SMU who said rowing is his favorite part of the workout.

A coach takes you through drills offering options along the way to fit your fitness level.

"Anyone can come and do it," said Orange Theory Coach Katy Pyle. "You can walk on the treadmill, you can go at your own pace... you can make it your own workout."

Every day the workouts are different, but across the country the daily workouts are the same. So you can share the experience with your friends from Frisco to Florida.

"I love a class in an organized group environment," Amy LeVeck said. "I think it's more motivating and less thought process for me."

Here's what helps Orange Theory to stand out. Everyone gets a heart rate monitor. They plug in your age, weight, etc. Through class, you can see how hard you're working based on your heart rate.

"My heart has to work harder to get to that place of workout," Mark Goode said.

There are five heart rate zones. The goal is to stay in the "Orange" zone for 12 out of the 60 minutes of class.

"That's gonna be 84 to 91 percent of your max heart rate," Pyle explained. "So you're really pushing yourself on that... and it's 12 minutes that you spend uncomfortable basically."

Pushing yourself for those 12 minutes launches you into the "After Burn" -- where you're burning calories for 24 to 36 hours after your workout.

"I don't know anything else that could burn this much in an hour," said LaToya Scales, a local nurse who spends two to three days a week at Orange Theory.

Scales, Goode, Loughren, and LeVeck have agreed to let us follow their fitness journey at Orange Theory for the next 12 weeks. Each has a different health goal for 2018. You can follow their stories and their progress on our Facebook Group: 2018: Fitter Together.