PLANO -- Jennifer Bollig is a stay-at-home mom who is studying to become a nurse. On Sunday, her family had big plans, a birthday dinner for her husband -- but those plans almost didn't happen.

"I guess when I got to the register, I pulled my phone out, and the money came out with the phone, and I didn't realize it because I paid with the credit card," Bollig said.

Bollig was inside Office Depot in Plano when she says that, somehow, two $100 bills fell out of her pocket while she was shopping for school supplies.

"I was crying. A lot of people don't think $200 is a lot of money, but it is, it's a lot of money to lose," Bollig said.

With the help of her husband and teenage daughter, they tore up the house looking for any sign of the cash.

"I was honestly thinking to myself, 'Man, somebody is going to have a great day,' Bollig said.

Her husband decided to backtrack her steps. While he drove to Office Depot, she called ahead.

"She goes, 'We have your money' and I asked her 'You do what?'" Bollig said.

Someone had picked up the two $100 bills and turned them into management. The money was there waiting for her.

"I'd like to know who that person was. An employee? Another shopper? I guess that's not something that happens every day. That's pretty neat," Bollig said.

Bollig never expected to see that money again. Her faith in strangers is restored, and she says she's happy to have been proven wrong.

A spokesperson for Office Depot released the following statement Monday afternoon:

"A customer service manager at the Office Depot store on Preston Rd. found $200 on the sales floor yesterday. He then locked it in the store's safe in hopes the customer who lost it would claim it. Later in the day, the customer called the store to verify the lost cash was hers, and are pleased there was a positive resolution to this story."