Some Texans say it’s time for Gov. Greg Abbott to turn off red light cameras across the state — once and for all.

In fact, a group of Texans has delivered a letter to his office as part of a grassroots effort, asking him to put the contentious issue before state lawmakers, who head back to work July 18 for a special session.

“We need your support to ban red light cameras, period,” the letter states.

The issue has long sparked support from those who believe the cameras make streets safer and generate money needed for road safety efforts. It continues to draw opposition from those who say the cameras violate the U.S. Constitution and actually increase accidents.

“The main focus is the fact they are completely unconstitutional,” said Kelly Canon, an Arlington woman who delivered the letter to Abbott’s office in Austin. “You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

“These [tickets] turn it around,” said Canon, co-founder of the SE Tarrant Tea Party who helped lead a successful effort two years ago to remove red light cameras from Arlington. “The cameras cannot prove you were the one driving. They can only prove your car was at that intersection doing that deed. That’s horrible.”

Police chiefs, mayors and trauma experts are among those who this year have asked lawmakers to leave the cameras alone, saying Texas roads will become more dangerous if they are not used.

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