Rebekah Jones, from Fort Worth, says not long ago she was simply looking for some clothes when she received something totally unexpected.

“I asked some friends on Facebook, ‘hey does anybody have some old uniforms they don’t use anymore?’ And that’s what started this," she said.

The uniforms Rebekah was after work for her eight year old son, Danny, who loves baseball.

He likes the Rangers, has all the right equipment and can tell you how to use it.

All that, despite the fact he will never be able to play.

Danny was born with only half a working heart.

He's had seven surgeries in eight years and is desperately waiting for a transplant.

Even then, most kids born with this rare heart defect never make it to their 20's.

“There's not a day that goes by you don't still wish that they could be normal and get better," Rebekah said. "Knowing that that's not ever a possibility, that everything that's done is kinda a patch, is difficult.”

So to help him enjoy baseball while he can Rebekah made a post on Facebook to find a jersey Danny could wear to at least feel like a baseball player.

That message made its way to Todd Collinsworth, a little league coach in Fort Worth.

"My thought was I'll take him," Collinsworth said.

Todd invited Danny to be a part of the team, not to play, but to sit in the dugout and feel what it's like.

He changed his mind once Danny showed up to practice.

"He comes to our first practice and has a new helmet, new bat, new shoes and is just 'hey where do you want me coach?' At that point I knew we're going to work him in."

Todd asked the other coaches and they agreed to let Danny play.

Danny was excited.

"His response to me was ‘coach I've been waiting for this my entire life,'" Collinsworth said.

Not winning or losing, simply playing meant the world.

“Danny has taught us way more than we could ever have imagined that we learned from him," Rebekah said.

That's an impact that's ready for the big leagues.