A Balch Springs police officer charged in the shooting death of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards back in late April has now been indicted on two counts of aggravated assault involving a separate case that occurred two weeks prior.

A grand jury met Wednesday and heard evidence, including testimony from the female victim, involving the case that occurred on April 16. During her testimony, the woman said Oliver pulled his gun out during a fender bender.

The incident began when a driver called police to the scene of an accident involving herself and Oliver on April 16. The woman told police that Oliver approached her with his gun out but didn't point it toward her.

Oliver said he pulled out his weapon as a precaution after he observed the driver reach toward the center of her vehicle.

Oliver was terminated from his job in May after the Balch Springs police chief said he had "questions" after it appeared the officer's account of the Edwards shooting conflicted with video captured at the scene.

Jordan Edwards (Mesquite ISD)

The shooting occurred on April 29 as Edwards, his brother, and other teens were leaving a party, where officers responded to a report of intoxicated teens.

Authorities originally said a vehicle carrying the teens was backing towards officers when Oliver fired the shots. However, they later said the vehicle was actually leaving the scene away from officers when the shots were fired.

While Oliver has been charged with Edwards' murder, a grand jury has yet to review the case.

Oliver posted the $200,000 bond on the assault charges.

WFAA's Rebecca Lopez contributed to this report.