GARLAND-- Carrie Sharp is elbows deep in a shopping bag. Only it’s not groceries she’s unpacking.

Instead she’s pulling out rock after rock – Colorado river rocks to be specific.

After a career in insurance, the mother-of-three discovered an unlikely second act.

“I found out that I really like to paint,” she said, laughing. “And now it’s my only act. This is what I do full time now.”

With some TLC and paint, the rocks become works of art. She will soon give away these hand-painted, one of kind miniature canvasses.

Carrie spends about an hour painting each rock. She then hides some of the rocks in local parks for children to find around Halloween and Easter.

“I really like to give,” she said. “I love to give back to my community.”

Last Friday night Carrie hid over 100 rocks in three Dallas parks. A kind gesture bringing nothing but smiles to kids who found the hidden treasures.

“Creating something and leaving it for somebody else, if they ever got to see their face, they would be hooked,” she said.

This Friday night, Carrie will hide another 100 painted rocks in three more parks. She’ll reveal the park locations on Facebook early Saturday morning.

“You find it,” she said, “You keep it.”

Carrie has 50 more rocks to paint before Friday. Just like she needs a lot of paint, this labor a love also requires a lot of patience.

“It’s a lot of hurry up and wait,” she said. 

But come Easter weekend, its finders keepers.