The video of a little boy being beaten up and stomped in the bathroom at T.W. Browne Middle school is hard to watch, especially for his parents.

The child's father talked to WFAA, but asked we not identify him.

"When I saw the video I was depressed, upset, full of anger."

The child was taken to Children's Hospital Tuesday after the incident.

"He's hurt. I took him to the hospital. His back is all bruised. He’s been complaining about headaches and tummy aches."

His parents are angry they say it's not the first time their son has been bullied at the school.

Just last week they say they talked to the principal about another incident where the child was beaten up at the school bus stop.

“We complained a week before the event my son was being bullied at the school bus."

They say the latest incident started after their son and a 13 year old boy who is much bigger were playing basketball during gym class.

"They were playing basketball and during the game seems like my son was reaching for the ball and another kid that was bigger than him didn't like it and pushed him and told him he was going to beat him up."

He says the 13-year-old suspect and two other students went into the locker room while his son was changing they beat him up.

The father says he is shocked this could happen to his son who he says is a quiet, mild-mannered child and wants the school to do more about bullying.

“They need to protect our children. They are our future."

Sources tell WFAA,The 13-year-old was arrested for injury to a child and two other students are being disciplined.

The district says it is not releasing any information since the incident is still under investigation.