On Monday Derick Brown took his AK-47 and began shooting people in his Dallas neighborhood.

"I hear a noise. I hear a shot."

Luis Galo Amaro was walking on Reynolds Avenue when he saw Brown point a rifle at him from inside his house.

"I saw this guy and I got scared so I tried to run but only took four steps or something like that and he shot me."

As Galo was bleeding in the street he saw Dallas Firefighters coming to help him.

"They said don't worry man. We got you. We got you."

Before they could get him in their ambulance, Galo says Brown came out of his house firing.

"We hear more shots again. I hear the firefighter. He screamed like 'oh man,' [then] the guy shot the firefighter."

Firefighter William An was shot twice. Brown turned and shot Galo again.

Galo says he played dead as Brown kept shooting.

"He walked in front of me and went to look for firefighters again but then the police start shooting. They were coming fast. Then boom boom boom. I hear shots and he shoots too."

Galo says at that moment he thought he and firefighter An were going to die. He says Brown yelled at them.

“He said this is not a game. This is not a game."

Police loaded both victims into their squad cars while coming under fire.

Police sent in the SWAT team to look for Brown. They later found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his home. He had also killed his elderly roommate.

“I think I am lucky, I think I am lucky."

Galo says he knows he is alive today because of the heroism of both Dallas Police and Firefighters.