Released court documents reveal a scathing description of Roy Oliver, the former Balch Springs officer who shot and killed a teenager back in April.

Documents claim Oliver "flipped off" the car after he fired shots into the car carrying 13-year-old Jordan Edwards and other teens.

The new court documents also allege Oliver posted swastikas in public places and was a member of the group called "Caucasians in Effect" during his eighth-grade year of school between 1993 and 1994. He also "hated anyone who was not Caucasian."

In July of 2011, Oliver showed an elevated score on the "risk-taking index" during a pre-law enforcement psychological examination in Tarrant County. The examination concluded that "his sense of entitlement may be so strong that the possibility of his behaving in an antisocial manner must be considered."

Edwards attended a party with his friends and family members in Balch Springs. Police were called to the house party on a report of intoxicated teenagers on a residential street. Police said when officers arrived on the street, they heard gunfire and then a car filled with passengers backed towards them. Body camera footage told a different story.

The shooting has sparked national outrage. Oliver was fired after killing Edwards. He has been indicted for his death.