Here's a look at what's new in theaters this weekend:

The Post

Steven Spielberg set aside another project to jump on this one and cast a couple of unknowns in the lead: Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks! How can you miss with that pedigree! "The Post" tells the true story of publisher Katherine Graham and editor Ben Bradlee's push to print the Pentagon Papers during the Nixon era.

Graham makes the biggest decision of her career backed by a crack staff of journalists. What might appear to be a "by-the-numbers" drama is actually one of the best films of the year.

20th Century Fox: Rated PG-13


Hungry for a good Western? One critic calls "Hostiles" the best western since "Unforgiven," and that might be true. Christian Bale stars as a 19th century Army captain in charge of escorting an Indian chief home. He's dealt with all the frontier violence he can handle, and it's the last assignment he wants.

Bale's performance is one of his best ever, and Rosamund Pike is perfect as a woman along for the journey whose heart is beyond broken. From the writer-director of "Crazy Heart," it's also one of the year's best.

Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures: Rated R

Insidious: The Last Key

Horror fans can't seem to get enough of "INSIDIOUS." This is the fourth chapter in the franchise dating back to 2010, picking up from the events of the third one. Parapsychologist Elise returns as her haunted childhood threatens her family and home. The first three films made more than $350 million worldwide.

Universal Pictures: Rated PG-13