Leavin’ on a jet plane?

The next time you board one of Dallas-based Southwest Airlines’ big ol’ jet airliners, you just might get an in-sky serenade.

Southwest is hosting 'pop-up' concerts in mid-air through an expanded partnership with Warner Music Nashville that bring bands onto planes.

Country musician Devin Dawson recently performed on a flight from Nashville to Philadelphia to celebrate the announcement, handing out CDs and souvenir guitar picks to passengers after his concert in the clouds. There’s no official word yet on when, where or which artists will perform, but I can’t help but root for Dierks Bentley, who sings “Drunk on a Plane,” to get Southwest’s 737s rockin’ like a G6.

Southwest has been hosting in-flight shows occasionally since 2011, but the new deal with WMN expands the series. The label also agreed to continue its history of traveling with the airline.

Not everyone, however, is thrilled with the idea of expanding the concert series, as evidenced in this Texas Monthly piece headlined "Southwest has found a new way to make air travel annoying."

The “Live at 35” series — as in 35,000 feet — has grown in popularity over the past six years as Southwest passengers hope their flight will feature a performance that will go viral, according to Billboard.

Past performers on Southwest flights include Valerie June and the Strumbellas.

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