Eleven civil cases -- including two wrongful death lawsuits -- stemming from the 2013 West Fertilizer Plant explosion were settled in McLennan County Court Thursday, bringing the total number of settlements to 94.

Those 94 cases included six death cases, 75 personal injury claims and 13 property damage cases. The monetary settlements to the plaintiffs will receive is confidential.

Young children and their parents appeared inside the 170th District Courtroom during Thursday's hearing. All of them had either been injured in the blast or lost a parent. The court appearance marked the end of years of litigation linked to the companies involved in the explosion: Illinois-based CF Industries Holdings, Inc and Pennsylvania-based International Chemical Co.

"This has been a hotly contested case, but at this point our clients are relieved that this case is over and they are ready to move on with their lives," said Attorney Mo Aziz, who represented the victims in court.

Aziz said claims were already settled against Texas-based El Dorado Chemical Company, adding lawsuits against the West Fertilizer Company were still pending.

In 2016, Federal investigators announced the April 17, 2013 explosion was caused by arson. The initial fire led to a blast that killed 15 people, injured more than 200 and destroyed hundreds of homes. The person or people responsible for the fire have never been identified nor captured.