A family is upset and asking for an apology after their son was turned away from the door at a high school homecoming dance.

"You have to fight for what's right," said mom Latrina Harvey.

Harvey's son, Toriano, is homeschooled, but he used to attend Braswell High School near their home in Little Elm. Harvey arranged for him to attend last Friday's homecoming dance with his friends.

"I knew it wouldn't be a problem for him going to the homecoming as long as I met the criteria," said Harvey.

She said last week, she went to the school and paid $35 for his ticket and filled out a form. Harvey said a secretary even looked the form over.

Ray Braswell High School in Denton ISD

"She was like, 'you're good to go!'" she recalled.

Last Friday, Toriano got dressed up in new clothes and took photos with his friends. They left for the dance at school, but when they arrived, a principal pulled him aside.

"She was telling me that I wasn't able to go in and the form was halfway filled out," said Toriano. "So, that's when I called my mom."

Latrina Harvey said she spoke to the administrator on the phone and was told there was nothing she could do to correct the situation.

"She said, 'Well, you didn't properly complete the form,' and I'm like, 'Well, is there anything I can do to correct the form?'" Harvey recalled. "She said, 'No Mrs. Harvey. You're going to have to come get him.'"

Harvey went up to the school with her husband and tried to speak to the principal in person, recording the incident on her cell phone. After she was turned away, she became agitated and was escorted by officers out of the building. She admits that she used foul language but says it was because she feels her son was wronged.

Toriano and Latrina Harvey

"I changed into this lady that I didn't want to be," Harvey said. "He got his clothes on, he's ready, and it was so embarrassing."

Denton ISD told WFAA they require forms for all non-district students and homecoming guests to ensure student safety. They have to be fully completed in advance of the dance.

In a statement, a district spokesperson said, "We empathize with the family in regards to any miscommunication that may have occurred regarding our procedures and stand by our attempts to keep our students safe."

The Harveys say the school never warned them the paperwork was incomplete, and Latrina feels so frustrated by the incident that she's even protested outside campus. She's asking for an apology, but it's too late for her son to dance.

"I wish that she would have just let me complete it," she said.