FORT WORTH, Texas -- No one knows it better than Texas high school football players: Success comes at a cost.

They go through the grueling two-a-days, carrying heavy equipment and running all over the field.

But imagine putting in all the work knowing you won’t score a single point all season. Or knowing you won’t win a single game, and knowing that the Friday night glory isn’t meant for you.

“We’re kind of like the geeks,” senior marching band member Jesse Jaramillo said. “But we put in as much work, if not more than the athletes.”

The Southwest High School marching band in Fort Worth is like most bands: They may not be football players, but they sure do work like them.

Oftentimes they do three-a-days, 14 hours a day in the Texas heat.

“It’s like you’re being intoxicated by a circle of sweat,” said Senior Drum Major Natalie Nguyen.

“There are many, many hours we put in to get that little eight-minute payoff of a marching show,” Band Director Jeff Demaagd said.

And what a payoff it’s been. Southwest is the only marching band in the history of Fort Worth to have ever reached the state contest.

And they’ve done it three times.

But for these kids, the reward is greater.

“Everything we do applies to the real world,” said senior percussionist Griffin Green. “If you work hard you’ll get rewarded, if you slack off you won’t.”

“If they can learn to do them sweating on a marching field, they can learn to do them in whatever career they want later,” Demaagd said.

There's nothing better than the sweet sound of success.