CLEBURNE -- School officials at Cleburne High School are preparing for a possible second round of protests by students.

Students say they want better treatment for a former head coach and other teachers.

On Wednesday hundreds of students walked out of class and marched inside the school.

The district says one student faces felony charges for pulling a fire alarm, which allowed the kids to leave class.

The tension is over the head football coach's resignation this month. He left due to a "hostile workplace" and was amid a colleague's discrimination lawsuit. But instead of accepting his resignation, the district put him on administrative leave.

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Now the coach can't set foot on school property, even for his son's signing with Austin College next month. The school board told his son that if the coach wants to be there, he has to request it in writing.

Some parents were protesting the issue on Wednesday as well, and said they planned to do it again.

More than 690 people have signed petitions on about the treatment of the coach and other teachers.

The principal of Cleburne High School met with representatives from a group of 50-75 students who created a disruption Thursday in refusing to report to their 8th period classes.

School officials believe this same group was involved in a similar action on Wednesday, which took place as students were reporting to their final class of the day.

Following today’s meeting with students, Pricipal Downs said the entire CHS staff was focused on being available to students and open to their concerns, needs and suggestions.