At Trinity Christian Academy in Addison sixth grade science teacher Stephen Megison works in the same building as the rest of the staff, but teaches in a completely different universe.

Mr. Megison regularly transforms his classroom, and his wardrobe, to make learning fun.

He launched this idea three years ago when he first dressed up as Sherlock Holmes. Since then, he’s been a mad scientist, a doctor and on this day, an astronaut.

Stephen Megison as Sherlock Holmes

From the cardboard space shuttles to the under-the-desk cockpit, Mr. Megison truly spares no expense, which often comes at his expense.

“It’s worth everything,” he said. “If they’re excited to be in here, then they care more about what I have to teach them.”

At least that was his hypothesis. After years of experimenting and wardrobe changes, he’s right.

Mr. Megison says, because of this approach, students are more engaged, are asking questions, and passing tests with flying colors. But most importantly, his students can’t wait to come to class.

“He makes class fun. Every day I’m excited to be in his class,” said sixth grader Max Merrifield.

“We only have science four days a week so the day we don’t have science is really sad," sixth grader Parker Prideaux said.

Mr. Megison says that is worth everything.

Stephen Megison

“That makes it worth every minute of time, every penny that’s spent, to hear that it’s made a difference in just one student’s education,” Megison said.

Students often brag about teachers who go the extra mile. But, clearly, they’re over the moon when one, truly, goes out of this world.