By now, you've likely seen the all-time draft moment from an all-time Dallas Cowboy.

"The louder they booed the more fired up I got," said Cowboys Ring of Honor receiver Drew Pearson, "just like when I played against the Eagles."

On this day, the original 88 shared the viral moment with other Cowboys legends at a charity golf tournament at Stonebridge Ranch Country Club.

Pearson yucked it up with the likes of Tony Dorsett, Cliff Harris, Leroy Jordan, Billy Joe DuPree, and Roger Staubach.

"The only thing you should have said was, I want you Philly fans to know I'm praying for you, Hail Mary full of grace..." Staubach said with a smile when he arrived.

"That would have really got 'em," Pearson answered.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, a veteran of many boos, actually signed off on Pearson's message.

"He encouraged me to say it," said Pearson. "He said that will really get 'em fired up and really get 'em going."

Pearson embraced the hate reminding a fan base with zero Super bowl titles that the Cowboys have five. And the decibel levels of the boos just kept rising.

"As the crowd got louder my voice got louder and I got more fired up and I started yelling," said Pearson.

Equal parts NFL champion and WWE wrestling announcer, with just a dash of a southern Baptist preacher, Pearson barked out, "All the Cowboys players that played before more me, that played with me, and played after me!"

The perfect troll of the Philly fans went viral in minutes. Tweets were generated from across the globe, and Pearson began trending worldwide on twitter.

"I didn't realize it was going to be as big as it is, I had no idea," said Pearson.

He said his phone went crazy with text, e-mail, and calls.

WFAA Sports showed Pearson a clip of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones paying homage to Pearson's big moment, during the Cowboys post-draft press conference Friday night after the draft announcement seen 'round the world.

"To see that reaction it's positive and that's what I wanted to come out," Pearson said.

Now people can ask Pearson about another all-time moment, besides the obvious.

And no, he says he didn't push off on the Hail Mary.