DALLAS -- A powerful video features veterans and athletes expressing their love and gratitude for the American flag in light of recent turmoil over national anthem protests.

The Adaptive Training Foundation and Klutch released the video Wednesday. Veterans, many of whom were wounded in combat, and athletes, who all train at the Adaptive Training Foundation, spoke in the video: “Dear Flag: it is under your banner that men dare to hope for something better.”

The message aims to transcend political beliefs as a reminder that we all share common ground under the American flag and share the values of Freedom, Equality, and Justice.

David Vobora, former NFL linebacker, St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks, and founder of the Adaptive Training Foundation, teamed with George Kenyon, writer, and executive producer at Klutch to produce the video.

“We felt that through the lens of gratitude, all Americans might be invited to rediscover our common ground knowing that it will be impossible to move forward as a nation without each other,” Vobora said.

Kenyon, who wrote and co-produced the video said, "I am hopeful that in some small way this video can remind people of the deep-rooted values that bind us all as Americans and human beings."

The adaptive athletes featured in the video are comprised of both combat injured veterans and people from all backgrounds. They include: Cpl. Blake Watson USMC, Vanessa Cantu, Cpl. Brian Aft USMC, SPC Derrick Ross US Army, Chauncey Jenkins, Sgt. Dan French US Army, Tsgt Chris Wolff USAF, LCpl Phillip Quintana USMC, Heath Maloy, SPC Lawrence Green US Army, LCpl Emmett Pryor USMC, SPC Kevin Trimble US Army, George Kenyon and David Vobora.