AZLE -- Powerful winds as high as 60 miles per hour tore down several large trees in the town of Azle Thursday night.

"It just kept getting progressively worse, we decided to come in -- when the waves were hitting our sea wall and the spary was coming up all the way to the house we said 'it's time to come inside,'" said Joan McCloud who lives on a house on Eagle Mountain Lake.

McCloud's prediction was right -- Thursday night's weather did get worse.

The homes off Brian Road in Azle are in a unique position because the neighborhood is a little peninsula surrounded by Eagle Mountain Lake.

Winds this high were a first for resident, Harry Evans -- he's lived in the neighborhood since the 80's.

"When the bird feeder started hitting the glass door on the south side of the house I decided the wind was pretty good," Evans said.

By Friday afternoon road crews were cleaning up debris and taking down branches at risk of causing damage.

"It didn't just break the tree but it actually uprooted them," McCloud said.

This morning they're in awe of the power the winds carried with them but fortunate the damage wasn't worse.