DALLAS - A newborn girl found abandoned in a 7-Eleven bathroom trash can Saturday afternoon at Preston and Royal Lane highlighted another issue in Dallas.

Designated "safe baby sites," like the fire station just down the street from that 7-Eleven, are supposed to have yellow signs showing the public they participate in the Baby Moses/Safe Haven law, which allows parents to leave babies, up to 60 days old, in the arms of personnel at fire stations or hospitals, without fear of being charged with child abandonment, no questions asked.

But 35 of Dallas' 58 fire stations don't have them.

After News 8 asked about the signs Monday in light of Saturday's incident, the fire chief put in an emergency order for new signs, said Evans. They should arrive within three to five business days.

"The bottom line, if there's a sign that can help one parent decide there's a better option for their child, it's worth having them," said Evans.

The signs were taken down years ago due to a mix-up, said Jason Evans, Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman. Fire stations were told to take down "Safe Place" signs for kids who need help due to funding issues, said Evans. But many of those stations accidentally discarded "Safe Baby Site" signs, too.

When they realized the mistake last year, there was no state funding to replace the signs.

Now, city funding will be used instead.

The newborn girl is hospitalized and in good condition. Police are still looking over surveillance video and trying to find the mother.