BALCH SPRINGS -- Police in Balch Springs are looking for the person or persons who shot and killed man at the Autumn Run Apartments late Monday night.

Family members identified the victim as Robert Eames.

Neighbors and friends of Eames told News 8 he heard the alarm on his Hummer going off and gunshots were fired when he went outside to see what triggered the alarm.

<p>Robert Eames (Family photo)</p>

One friend who did not want to reveal their identity for fear of their own safety said the apartment complex on Balch Springs Road has seen troubles with break-ins and strangers loitering.

“That is what made [Eames] come out in the first place. He heard commotion, heard the vehicle’s alarm going off and that is an every night thing,” they said. “We hear alarms going off all the time and it is like you do not know whether to go outside or not.”

Shooting scene at Autumn Run Apartments

The recent troubles in the area led the victim to mount security cameras outside his apartment window according to neighbors, but friends said the cameras were not recording at the time of the shooting.

Balch Springs police said the investigation is ongoing and they are asking anyone with more information to contact their detectives.