It was 7 a.m. Thursday. A mom and her two kids were walking back to their SUV after stopping to get snacks at the Valero on East Lancaster in Fort Worth when a man, who had been milling about, approached them.

Things quickly unraveled.

"The violence seen on the video is more than what we usually see," said Det. Brian Raynsford, with the Fort Worth Police Department.

Raynsford shared the surveillance footage that shocked even seasoned officers.

"Suspect asks for a ride or something to that effect," he said as he watched the video. "As she says 'no,' he then pulls a handgun out."

You then see the mother abandon the SUV. But as she and her children run for safety, the suspect chases them down.

"The suspect thinks she's given him the wrong keys because he can't start the car," Raynsford said

Police say another camera angle shows the suspect slamming the mother down before flashing a gun at other witnesses. The mother did sustain injuries.

"It's pretty obvious the terror and the emotion that must be going through these people's minds," Raynsford said.

Police say someone at the store shot the man before he drove away. He won't face charges.

Police have identified the suspect in the case as 28-year-old Courtney Keith Johnson. He was quickly located in a parking lot on Lancaster, but then took police on a five-mile chase through downtown. He left behind a scene of wrecked cars, including one that flipped over at W. 7th and Macon streets. Police say he ran after the wreck, but was arrested and taken to the hospital.

Police say once he's released from the hospital, he'll face one aggravated robbery charge, two aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges and one charge of evading arrest.

"The violence of it and the fear we can see on the victims’ faces … we’re just grateful this guy is off the street," Raynsford said.

He adds the mother was incredibly brave and did all the right things in the face of unexpected violence.

Online court records show Johnson does have a lengthy criminal history.