BURLESON -- At Dalton's Corner, everyone knew their name. Philip Evans and Daniel Haros were regulars here at the Burleson bar.

“If you see one, you would always see the other,” said Destinee Berry, a close friend who went to high school with them. “They were inseparable.”

Their grief-stricken friends who have been gathering at the bar have been having a few drinks in their memory, devastated by the seemingly random nature of their murders early Sunday in Fort Worth.

Their family and many of their friends were still too upset to talk.

Christina Aguirre and Destinee Berry

Their accused killer is Cary Heath, a neighbor and Cedar Hill middle school teacher. Heath, 35, is currently being held in the Tarrant County jail on a charge of capital murder. He could face the death penalty.

“They didn't deserve any of that, and now this. I mean, they touched so many people and, like, I just wish that he knew what he took from all of us,” said Christina Aguirre, a high school classmate.

Police say Heath shot and killed the best friends with an assault weapon in the front yard of their home. He also hit them in the head with the rifle.

Just moments earlier, they'd been at neighbor's Halloween party with Heath. They stood in the front yard talking for about five minutes.

Authorities say after the killings, Heath ran back in the home where the party was going on. He handed his 1-year-old baby to someone at the party and told his wife, “This is the last time I will see the baby. I killed two people.

Cary Joseph Heath

Heath’s wife told police that her husband confessed to the murders and asked her to “clean the blood in the gun safe where he kept his firearms.”

He was arrested Monday afternoon in the parking lot of the school. Police have said they did not have enough probable cause before then to arrest him, but officials have not explained why he was allowed to teach school Monday.

Heath is not cooperating with investigators, police said.

Philip and Daniel, both 25, had been best friends since childhood. They hung out with a group of friends that had attended Burleson High School. They were living with Daniel’s parents.

Phillip's mother, Paige Hudson Garcia, wrote on Facebook, "The murderer did not know our sons. The shooting was completely senseless (almost random) but he is NOT remorseful (which is how he was caught).

“Our sons were defenseless and unarmed (in their 'pajamas' in the front yard of their home) - truly innocent victims by all accounts, in every sense of the word,” she wrote.

Phillip also used the last name Garcia.

Destinee says she can’t fathom how Heath could have gone to school Monday after committing such a horrific act.

Destinee and Christina Aguirre had just been out with the pair, partying with them, their girlfriends, and other friends Friday night in Fort Worth.

“The last thing is said to them was, 'I love you,'” Aguirre said. “They were giving me a hard time because I was leaving early... I made both of them take selfies with me.”

Friends say a "Bud Light Chug" will raise money for the victims' families.

Destinee and Christina laughed and cried as they remembered their friends, young men who they say worked hard, played hard, and came from good families.

They had a tradition. Whenever they’d come into Dalton’s, they’d chug a Bud Light to start, friends say.

“Y'all better practice chugging beers up there for me and save one for me,” Mustafa Uysaler, a close friend, wrote on Facebook. “Maybe gone, but never forgotten.”

Come Thursday night, friends will honoring them with a “Bud Light Chug” benefit to raise money for their families. Friends will be chugging a Bud Light in their honor, just the way Phillip and Daniel used to do it.