Masked robbers barged into an Oak Cliff apartment as a family was unloading groceries.

“He just grabbed me and I told him, ‘Man don’t shoot me in front of my wife,’” said the victim, who asked not to be identified because he is still afraid.

He believes he and his wife were followed home from the store.

“I told my wife when we left Walmart I did not feel right," the man said. "I just know somebody followed us.”

The victim's son was upstairs and came down to see what was happening. One of the suspects opened fire.

There were women and children inside.

“My whole family was up here and he is just shooting like crazy," the man said.

Blue Ridge Apartments in Oak Cliff

The man’s 30-year-old son was shot in the stomach.

Police say there have been several similar robberies in the same area in recent days. Residents say they are worried.

“We got people out there that just don’t care about nobody," one neighbor said. "Just don’t give a care about nobody’s life.”

A resident of the Blue Ridge Apartments in Oak Cliff

The violent crime rate is up in Dallas at a time when there are fewer officers on the streets. There are 400 less officers this year than there were back in 2010.

“The numbers speak for themselves. Crime is up,” said Sheldon Smith with the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas. “We had several years of negative crime and now we are at a positive in our crime.”

And it’s not slowing down. There are fewer cops, higher crime and neighborhoods like this in fear.