A Vietnam veteran was carjacked and then dragged nearly 20 feet behind his own truck. The incident was caught surveillance video.

Allan Huddleston,69, can hardly remember if he's ever even had to fight before. "Teenager. Teenager, ya know?" Allan Huddleston recalled. "Maybe in high school. I might've had a fight in high school. I'm not a fighter. I'm easy going."

He will never forget the fight he was forced to have last Monday. "I'm very angry. You’re dadgum right I'm angry," he said.

Richland Hills Police said it happened at the Shell station on the corner of Handley-Ederville and Airport Freeway. Just before 7 a.m. on the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday, Huddleston pulled up to buy a newspaper and a man approached him.

"When he got close to me, he grabbed the billfold out of my hand. My keys are in this hand," Huddleston said, showing WFAA. "He jumped in my truck. Tried to drive off. He didn't have the keys. Well, the fight was on."

Huddleston, who is a disabled Vietnam veteran, pulled the much younger suspect out of the truck.

"He's punching me, I'm punching him," he said.

The melee was all captured on gas station surveillance. Before long, the suspect overpowered Huddleston and drove away.

"I'm hanging on the door of the truck and he’s dragging me," he said. "I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t scared. I wanted to stop him! I wanted to catch him. He needs to be caught!"

"Our biggest concern is that it could happen again," said Richland Hills Police Captain Sheena McEachran.

The suspect's face is hard to see in the video, but McEachran hopes people come forward with information. She mentions the very same gas station was robbed a week before this, but the suspects' descriptions didn't match.

As for this case, "we believe this was a crime of opportunity," she said. "But I don’t think [the suspect] expected him to fight back near as hard."

Huddleston is recovering. He has a small broken bone in his leg and road rash. His truck was recovered hours later, though his wallet is still missing.

Huddleston's fight to find who did this has just begun. "I can't stand a thief," he said. "I cannot stand a thief."