Donna and Steve Burns visit Highland Station Park nearly every day to walk their dog. They've never felt unsafe or had any issues, they said.

"We were just talking the other day about how everybody got along, and how great it was," Steve said.

But now, they're a bit concerned.

"That's very close to home," Donna said. "Made me very nervous."

Thursday evening, three people, including a 14-year-old, were shot in the skate park section of the Saginaw park. Police arrested and charged 17-year-old Amari Joseph in connection with the crimes, which police say stemmed from an argument.

A neighbor named Brandon said he heard the shots at the park. He also told WFAA that this was not the first time he'd seen problems at the park, which is right next to a middle school.

"Honestly, I wish they would bulldoze it. If Saginaw sees this video, I hope they bulldoze it because that skate park right there is nothing but trouble," Brandon said.

Police said they, in fact, do not know of any problems there.

"Our officers do patrol the skate park on a pretty regular basis," said Capt. Russell Ragsdale. "Not aware of many major issues that have been ongoing."

Friday, new Saginaw City Manager Gabe Reaume reiterated that if there are indeed problems at the park, for people to please let them know.

"We absolutely want to hear from residents, visitors, you name it. If they have concerns about safety, we're all here as public servants to serve and take care of our residents," he said.

The three shooting victims all had non-life-threatening injuries. The 14-year-old victim, police said, was released from the hospital.

The shootings did happen during park hours—the park is open until 11 p.m. There is no talk currently of changing those hours.