The residents of Artisan Ridge apartments in Southwest Dallas are on guard after a man tried to rape two women and exposed himself to a third.

The complex, located on Preakness Lane, put out letters warning residents after the third incident occurred Wednesday. Police have no leads nor do they have enough of a description to put out a sketch of the man.

The first of the three victims told WFAA she was disappointed by the lackluster police handling of her case. She says even though she scratched her attacker, police did not try to get DNA from underneath her fingernails.

She also says she got a good look at her attacker. She questions whether the other victims could have spared if her attack had been taken more seriously.

“They could have done more,” she says.

WFAA is not naming the victims because these attacks involved sex crimes.

The first victim was attacked about midnight on Oct. 2.

She was outside on the phone when the man grabbed her from behind in the hallway outside of her friend’s apartment. She says he tried to pull down her pants.

“I dropped my phone, and I started screaming,” she says.

The woman says he body slammed her to the ground and dragged her toward a unlit grassy area.

“It was pitch black, so I knew if he got me in that grass he was probably going to go ahead and rape me,” she says.

“I started kicking and screaming, and I actually kicked him in his private area. He fell on top of me and started trying to cover my mouth.”

She says he she bit him and hit him in the eye. That’s when he jumped off and ran off.

“It looked like he might have been high,” she says. “He looked like he didn’t know what he was doing or didn’t care.”

Four days later in the early morning hours of Oct. 6, a man with the same description exposed himself to a woman as she was getting into her vehicle.

The third attack occurred about midnight on Wednesday as a woman was returning home to her apartment. Her apartment is located just across the parking lot from the site of the first attack.

She says she saw a man sitting on the steps. He was dressed in a black hoodie and black pants.

The woman says she was on the third step when she saw out of the corner of her eye that he had stood up. He tried to pull down her pants.

She dropped to the steps to prevent him from pulling down her pants.

“I started kicking him off me,” she says. “He was hitting me, and I started screaming and all of the sudden he just hit me in the head and then he took off.”

Her son heard her screaming from inside the apartment and came outside with a knife. It was too late. The man was already gone.

The victim says he never said a word during the entire attack.

She's got a concussion from the attack and bruises on her shoulder, knees and legs.

The victim, a single mother of three children, says she had just moved into the apartment two weeks earlier. She says the apartment complex agreed to let her out of her lease. She’s moving at the end of the month.

“My youngest one is 18,” she says. “She was 10 minutes from home, so if she had gotten home before me, it would have happened to her. I can't put my kids in danger.”

The victim questions why a notice warning residents wasn't put out after the first attack.

“I just want people to know, so they can be aware,” she says. “I haven’t been able to sleep at night. I close my eyes and see everything that happened.”

Reva Morris has lived in the complex for three years. She now worries about her daughter getting home late at night.

“There’s so many evil people in the world now,” she says. “I just have to get prayed up.”

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