FORT WORTH -- She may be bruised, but she is alive.

"The 'what ifs' go through my head all day," said a woman named Taylor. She asked us to withhold her last name for her safety. "You only have seconds. You have seconds to react."

Inside her own garage in northwest Fort Worth is where Taylor says she was attacked late Sunday night. She says moments after her family had gone inside after finishing a barbecue, a man surprised her from behind and grabbed her by her hair.

"He grabbed my mouth, too, so I couldn't say anything. And so I fell backwards. He drug me -- he was dragging me all the way through here," she said, pointing to the end of her driveway.

What she didn't know at the time was that one day earlier, just four miles away, another young woman had been attacked.

"It felt like a dream the whole time," said that young woman, who asked us not to identify her. Her attacker has not been found.

As a young woman slept in her north Fort Worth home early Saturday morning, her surveillance cameras captured a man casing her home. He snuck in through an unlocked window and attempted to grab the woman before she began screaming and he ran away.

Security cameras she has set up at her home show a man climbing through her window as she slept and assaulting her. She says he asked her to take her pants off before she eventually tried to escape through a window. You can see on the video the suspect dragging her back in.

"I woke up to him putting his hand over my mouth and nose and strangling me with the other hand," she said.

In both cases, the women fought back and the suspect or suspects ran off.

The two crimes and their parallels -- including general area, dark time of day, and other details -- now have the attention of Fort Worth police. A spokesman confirmed to News 8 Tuesday their detectives are indeed looking into possible similarities between the two cases, to see if they are at all related.

In the meantime, they're urging people to be aware of their surroundings and secure their homes.

"Everyone, especially females possibly living alone, should be aware of the security in their house," said Sgt. Marc Povero. "They need to lock their doors, they need to lock their windows."

Sgt. Marc Povero

Taylor has since seen the video of the other attack, and isn't sure if it's the same man who grabbed her. She believes the man who attacked her was thinner than the man in the video.

"If anything, it just lets people know: If there's not one, then there's two weirdos that are trying to grab women," Taylor said.

And she worries about the next victim who may not escape, like they did.

Since News 8 ran the video from the first attack, police say they've started getting tips about the person's possible identity.

If you have a tip on either case, please call (817) 469-TIPS. Tipsters can remain anonymous.