CARROLLTON — Call it a case of being caught on candid camera.

After two men broke into their home through a back door last week, Megan McNulty took to Facebook in her own brand of crime-fighting.

The post reads:

“Anyone know these two idiots, they broke into our home in Carrollton and stole our passports and all of James' brand new guitar equipment, let's make them "famous" shall we?” she wrote on a post with the surveillance video taken from inside her home.

The posted video helped police identify the two men.

“It was such a great video,” said Carrollton police spokeswoman Jolene DeVito. “It was so clear.”

Authorities plan to charge the two men with burglary of a habitation. Because of the holiday, it wasn't clear if the two men had already been taken into custody.

(Break-in begins about 2:17 into video)

At last count, McNulty’s surveillance video received more than 100,000 views on her Facebook page. Pretty much everybody in the neighborhood had seen it.

On the surveillance video, you can hear a noise at the back door. One of the McNulty’s dogs comes to check it out and starts barking as a large man breaks open the door and walks into the living room. He’s followed by a second thinner man wielding a long stick. The thinner man spots the camera and turns it around. But it was too late. Their faces have already been captured on camera.

“Usually when you see videos on TV, it’s kind of like night vision, you can’t really see any details or anything,” said Barbara Kester, who lives across the street.

Kester and her husband, Bob, have lived in the neighborhood for 21 years. They say the young couple just recently moved in.

"You don't want anyone in your neighborhood to get broken into,” Bob Kester said. “It makes you feel uneasy.”

The Kesters say it’s a good neighborhood but they’re now thinking about getting their own indoor camera surveillance system.

“You can't stop them from breaking in …but when you have a camera you've pretty much got their faces,” Barbara Kester said.