In the blink of an eye, Alishia Smith went from excited, expectant mother to grieving widow.

"This doesn’t happen to people you know," Alishia Smith said from her Haltom City apartment Tuesday. "It happens on 'True Crime' or 'Escape.' Not in your life. Not to someone you love."

Her husband, 28-year-old Sam Smith was the man Bedford Police said was shot and killed in a Kroger parking lot on Harwood Monday evening. It was the violent end to an argument police say started over a ding Sam had left on another man's car.

"They exchanged words," said Bedford Police Lt. David Smith. "It started out as a normal conversation, but it got hostile at some point. Both subjects said they had guns. When the victim made a movement, reaching around his back, the subject felt he was in danger."

Lt. Smith says the suspect then shot the victim multiple times. It turned out, Sam Smith did not have a weapon at all.

The suspect was arrested Monday night, but police said during the suspect’s arraignment Tuesday morning, the judge decided there wasn’t enough probable cause to keep the suspect locked up. And so he was released. Police have not released the suspect's name.

"All I know is he's unharmed and well, and my husband is dead and now my kids don’t have their dad," Alishia Smith said. "We're about to have another baby in five weeks, five-and-a-half weeks. Baby No. 2."

Alishia said she's waiting to hear all the evidence before judging what happened. She said her husband had worked hard to turn his life around and was a great father, who won't be here to enjoy the children and life he left behind.