It's been five days since Pinkie disappeared.

Pam Wilson and her beloved Staffordshire terrier were always together. Although she rescued Pinkie four years ago, Wilson said it's Pinkie who rescued her.

“She sure did. She’s just been a wonderful companion,” Wilson said. “She’s just a sweet, outgoing, happy dog, she wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

On Saturday, the two were out running errands at a Dollar General store near Fort Worth when the unthinkable happened.

“It happen before my eyes and it was just horrible,” she said. “There’s nothing I could do," Wilson said.

The 70-year-old was on her way out of the store with dog food when police said Joseph Bragg, 35, allegedly stole her car with Pinkie inside.

“[The guy] pushed me out of the way, got in the car, and drove off,” Wilson said.

Bragg and the car were found later that day, police said. He is currently in custody.

“Even though she’s not supposed to do this, she left the car running because she wanted the AC on for the dog,” said Fort Worth Police spokesman Ofc. Brad Perez. “You never want to leave the vehicle unattended. If you can’t take the dog inside with you, leave the dog at home.”

Police say the suspect pushed Pinkie out of the car near A.V. Cato Elementary on Palmetto Street in River Oaks. Since Pinkie's collar recently broke, Wilson said she's desperate to find her.

“I just can’t forgive myself for that,” she said. “It’s just driving me crazy.”

Wilson said she thought she found Pinkie twice, once at a shelter and again when police called this morning with a possible lead. Both times were false alarms.

“It’s been up and down. You think you found her and then you get let down,” she said. “But you know, we’re not gonna give up hope, she’s just priceless to us.”